2017 Sept. 19th | Happy Dietitians’ Day | 临床营养师的年度节庆


Dietitians Association of Australia, DAA, is a national organisation with a high international reputation within the profession of dietetics. All dietetics graduates will be assessed and entitled as Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD) in Australia. All Australian APDs are required to maintain a regular professional development on an annual basis. This is to ensure all practices are up to date and evidence-based.

澳大利亚属于全球营养学最顶尖的三个国家之一。澳大利亚营养师协会【DAA】是一个在营养学专业内 具有很高国际声誉的国家级组织。 所有营养学毕业生必须接受DAA的专业评估并获得认证,成为执牌临床营养师(APD)。 所有澳大利亚的APD都需要每年定期进行专业培训提升,这是为了确保所有实践 工作都是由最新循证为基础的。

Some facts about APDs:

  • There are more than 5500 dietitians practising in Australia.
  • Private dietitians spend, on average, 52 minutes for their initial consultation with clients.
  • 99% of healthcare professionals refer their clients to dietitians.
  • Top 5 reasons for referrals: [1] weight management; [2] diabetes; [3] food intolerances; [4] high cholesterol; [5] digestive issues.
  • 82% of populations trust dietitians.
  • Dietitians work in settings included (in descending order): [1] hospitals; [2] private practice; [3] community; [4] University; [5] corporate; [6] non-government organisations; [7] government; [8] others.


  • 在澳大利亚有超过5500名营养师。
  • 私人营养师平均花费52分钟的时间在初步评估上。
  • 99%的医疗专业人员将其客户/病人转诊给营养师。
  • 转诊的前五大理由:[1] 体重管理; [2] 糖尿病 [3] 食物不耐受; [4] 高胆固醇; [5] 肠道消化问题。
  • 82%的人选择信任他们的营养师。
  • 营养师的工作环境包括 (降序):[1] 医院; [2] 私人执业诊所; [3] 社区; [4] 大学 [5] 企业公司; [6] 非政府组织; [7] 政府; [8] 其他。

Early this morning, the Eastern Health Dietetics Departments invited all dietitians working at the EH to come for a group breakfast to celebrate the Dietitians’ Day today! It’s great to see so many bright dietitians’ faces and smiles, and enjoyed tasty and hearty first meal of the day before driving back to hospitals to work.

今天早晨,澳洲Eastern Health医疗集团旗下所有医院的临床营养科邀请所有在EH工作的营养师来参加集体早餐来庆祝临床营养师节! 一早就看到这么多明亮面孔和微笑 并且坐下来好好吃完健康美味的早餐,然后开车回各自医院开始一天高效率的工作。

The photographs were credited to the DAA and the author (Katherine).

照片版权归于DAA以及作者 (Katherine) 。





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