Trendy Talk: Alkaline V.S. Acidic | 三分钟读懂营养:酸碱性饮食

For most of us, since we graduate from high school, who would have thought much about alkaline or acid in our lives. Let alone the pH values of what goes into our stomachs.


Out of sudden, everyone’s talking about eating alkaline and avoid all acid-producing foods. Personally, I thought it was gone, but clearly, it’s still on the trend.

突然之间,每个人都在谈论着吃碱性食物,避免所有酸性食物。 就我个人而言,我以为这个饮食趋势已经过了,但显然,大家还在讨论这话题呢。

Pineapple smoothie 菠萝奶昔

What is alkaline diet?

The philosophy behind it was to maintain our body pH balance within a healthy range for an optional health status.

The idea is absolutely impeccable!

But again, if you think about this, using your basic knowledge from high school biology classes. Our body regulates its acidity levels by itself, which would not be affected by external factors, such as our diet. Our body is amazing at this homoeostasis mechanism!




但如果你仔细想想,就用我们最基础的中学生物知识,就会知道我们的身体本身就很擅长调节其酸碱度水平,并不会受到外部因素(如我们的饮食)的影响。 我们每个人的身体都拥有很惊人的稳态机制,来调节生理平衡的!

Strawberry and kiwi smoothie 草莓猕猴桃奶昔

Which ones are alkaline?

The one simple rule is to minimise acidic foods in your diet. Some alkaline foods include vegetables, fruits, legumes, soy beans, tofu, nuts, etc. Some stricter followers would go vegan. Some acidic foods are like refined sugar, caffeine, dairy products, eggs, wheat and other grains, alcohol and processed foods. That’s why by eating alkaline could help lose some weight because you are avoiding lots of calories from your diet.

The PRO bonus point I have for this alkaline diet is that it recommends minimising processed foods and alcohol because we are exposed to too much of them in this modern world.


就简简单单的一条规则,那就是减少饮食中的酸性食物。一些碱性食物包括蔬菜、水果、豆类、豆腐、坚果等。还有一些更严格的追随者会直接进行素食饮食。 一些酸性食物如精制糖、咖啡因、乳制品、鸡蛋、小麦等谷物、酒精和加工食品。这就是为什么通过碱性饮食可以帮助减轻一部分体重,只是因为你少吃了大量的热量而已。


The British Dietitians Association illustrated this as the following graph.


Kale, grapefruit and celery are three representatives of alkaline foods; while eggs, oats and milk stand for acidic foods, which shall be avoided from this diet.

羽衣甘蓝、葡萄柚和芹菜是三种碱性食品的代表; 而鸡蛋、燕麦和牛奶代表酸性食品。

What is our conclusion?

No matter what we eat, our blood acidity remains constant.

So why don’t you go out and enjoy your food.

The joy from food is part of our healthy eating and living!





Thanks to Pinterest for the photographs.


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