Sugar Shines in the Dark 充满诱惑的糖份

In a documentary called ‘That Sugar Film’ (2014; released in February 2015), an Australian actor Damon Gameau consumed foods containing approximately 40 teaspoons* (~160 grams) of sugar^ on a daily basis, for 60 days. This was being completed as a self-experimental approach.

*40 teaspoons of sugar was designed, as it was the reported amount of sugar an average Australian, aged 18-30 years, would consume.

^The sugar here includes foods containing all forms of sugar, besides sugar granules, like white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, etc.

在“The Sugar Film”(2014年制作;2015年2月发行)的纪录片中,澳大利亚演员Damon Gameau用他自己进行试验,每天食用含有大约40茶匙*(〜160克)糖^的食物,整个试验为期60天。



As a future dietitian, it’s such a relief that people are getting more aware of the fact that sugar is, literally, everywhere.


As a result of this 60-day experiment, Gameau tried to maintain his usual diet and documented the changes in his weight (obviously), mood and health. Note, Gameau adopts healthy eating habits with an intentionally and relatively much lower sugar intake, preceding this experiment.

这项为期60天的试验结果,Gameau试图维持他平时的饮食习惯,并且记录下他的体重变化(显然所期待的结果)、心情和健康改变。 要注意的是,在该试验之前,Gameau一直是有意识得采用相对较低 糖摄入量的健康饮食习惯。

Why is sugar so appealing? 为什么糖份对我们的吸引力如此之大?

  • Our taste 我们的口味

Sugar makes foods taste better and more palatable, consequently, we eat more. The extra amount of food we consume would end up reflecting in our body weight.

Sugar has been identified as NOT something [so get your willpower up!] that humans would definitely get addicted to (only under certain situations with certain humans’ biological perceptions). But yes to lab rats. 😛

糖能使食物的味道更好、更可口,因此,就导致我们吃得更多。 这些额外吃进肚子里的食物,最终会反映在我们的体重上。


Sugar is everywhere! 无所不在的糖份!

  • Sugar is even in the healthy foods we can think of! 我们所想到的的所谓的‘健康食物’中也有可能含有很高的糖份!

Other than the natural forms of sugar, food industry has been adding sugar into our food for a significantly long period of time. Only if you are in the nutrition/food science professions, you might not notice that.

We rely on supermarkets for our grocery shopping, quite much. It was suggested that if supermarkets take off all foods containing high levels of added sugar. We only need 20% of the space to display the remaining foods. Think about that, that could save so much space to place healthier alternatives (with less sugar) on supermarket shelves.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended that no more than 50 grams of sugar every day (~12 teaspoons), and everyone should aim for only half of it (25 grams; ~6 teaspoons) [1]. You may hear this from many nutritionists or nutrition bloggers saying ‘We need sugar! Do not cut sugar!’.

See, you need to judge this! Yes we need sugar for metabolism, but what is suggested by WHO is more than enough to support our daily physiological needs. Plus, you get sugar from almost all foods, look back, you might not need to add extra sugar on your plates!





What shall I do when I go grocery shopping? 购物的时候,我应该注意些什么呢?

  • Read labels 阅读食品标签

  • Check ingredient lists 阅读成分表

The label refers to the ‘Nutrition Information Panel (NIP)’, which includes all essential nutrients that should be displayed as governed by national or international authorities. Such nutrients are Energy, Fat, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates, Sugar, Sodium, etc.

Go for foods closer to their natural forms, thus the ingredient lists should be short and clear, without prolonged name lists of ‘funny yet odd’ chemical compounds.





Thanks to Prof. Tim Crowe, Associate Professor in Nutrition, Deakin University, who kindly shared his opinions on ‘The Conversation’.

感谢迪肯大学营养学副教授Tim Crowe教授,在“对话”平台所表达的想法和意见。



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