Festive Greetings to All 致所有美好的你们圣诞快乐+新年美好

To all kiddos,

See? Santa is double checking the gift lists for y’all. Make sure you are well-behaved enough to be on the ‘Good’ list and not the ‘Naughty’ list to get your best presents. May you all well and nourished! Sleep early and well tucked and you will get your present the next morning! xx



Big hellos and kisses to you all, my dear friends and families! Guess what, it’s just Christmas time and soon a brand new year ahead!

So I take this chance and wish you all a very joyful Christmas with your friends and families, and an ultra fruitful new year of 2017!

In the coming year, no matter where you go and no matter what new things you decide to try, you know it’s gonna be so awesome!

May all fathers, mothers, children, newborns, elderly, ladies and gentlemen a healthy and safe 2016/17 winter and 2017!!

We will see you around very soon and again in 2017! Thanks for following this awesome channel, for your health.

Best Regards,

Katherine Xi Lin

Student Dietitian

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University

首先给我亲爱的家人和朋友,还有你们大家都送上大大的问候和😚! 现在已经是圣诞节期间了,很快就要迎来全新的一年!






Katherine Xi Lin 林希




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