Sleep Less, More Obese. 睡得越少 胖得越快。

I believe that most of us have experienced how we crave for more foods to satisfy when we don’t get as much sleep. Here is why.



Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is a special stage of sleep in all mammals, for instance, we dream during this REM stage.

ScienceDaily recently released a study by the University of Tsukuba indicated that how much REM sleep we get can determine our cravings for unhealthy foods, foods high in sucrose and fat, in particular [1]. The mice involved in the study had their prefrontal cortex neurones examined, and their behaviours observed by the researchers. The results showed that, with these neurones inhibited, these mice tended to consume less sucrose. This study exhibited no change in the amount of fat they craved.

Dr Kristopher McEown also stated that individuals with more fat storage would possess higher sensitivity of prefrontal cortex neurones when encountering foods promoting weight gain, and sucrose-rich foods [1].

To conclude, sleep quality is a big part of the appetite regulation. If we cannot get enough sleep of good quality, our cortisol levels would go up, driving our appetite to high fat and high sugar foods. Thus, let’s sleep more and lose that extra weight! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

One more thing, if you happen to fail to get sufficient sleep for one night, control yourself on fatty and sugary foods the next day. You can try to drink more low-calorie fluids (e.g. plain water) to fill up your stomach or consume high fibre foods to delay your hunger and slow down the rise of your blood glucose levels. These all help to control your cravings.

所有哺乳动物都会经历一个特殊睡眠阶段,称为“快速眼动期 (REM)”,就是我们做各种梦的一个睡眠阶段。

ScienceDaily发布了日本筑波大学近期发表的一项研究,研究表明我们在REM期间获得的睡眠量会决定我们对不健康饮食的渴望,尤其是高蔗糖和高脂肪含量的食物 [1]。研究中的小白鼠的前额叶皮质神经元被监控着,然后由研究人员观察它们的行为。结果显示,当这些神经元受到抑制后,这些小白鼠们比较不会跑去吃蔗糖含量高的食物,然而它们对高脂肪的食物的食欲并没有发生变化。

Kristopher McEown博士还指出,较肥胖的人群的前额皮质神经元,对于高脂高蔗糖的食物,会比健康身材的人群更为敏感 [1]。


还有一点,如果你碰巧哪一天晚上睡不好,或者逼不得已熬了夜,那要记得第二天控制自己的食欲,少吃高脂肪和高糖的食物。也可以尝试多喝些低热量液体水 (例如矿泉水、柠檬水等) 来填充你的胃,或者吃一些高纤维食物,来延缓你的饥饿感并且减缓你的血糖升高的速度,这些都有助于控制你食欲喔~


1. K McEown, Y Takata, Y Cherasse, N Nagata, K Aritake, M Lazarus. Chemogenetic inhibition of the medial prefrontal cortex reverses the effects of REM sleep loss on sucrose consumption. eLife [Internet]. 2016 December 6 [cited 2016 Dec 19]. Available from: DOI: 10.7554/eLife.20269.001

Hope you all sleep as sound and sweet as this sweet little girl! 💝




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