A Little About Me


Dear you all, thank you for subscribing to this amazing channel. If you are keen on food, nutrition, health and a better quality of life, you will find yourself in the right place!

My name is Katherine Xi Lin (feel free to call me Kath or Kat), I am from a beautiful coastal city, Wenzhou, China. I have been living overseas since my mid-teens. I am proficient in speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Wenzhou dialect. I am currently a student dietitian (course accredited by DAA), studying in Melbourne, Australia. I’m in my final year of my university Honours Degree (Nutrition & Dietetics) from Monash University, with which the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences as world’s leading faculties for its profoundness and excellence.

I’m currently undertaking my public health nutrition placement with a Federal government body at Cardinia Shire Council. We have a 10-year project working on improving the local food system in the Cardinia Shire. I have also obtained clinical experience as a student dietitian, in multiple cultural and clinical settings. For instance, I have worked in Tan Tock Seng Hospital and A*STAR Clinical Nutrition Research Centre in Singapore; and also Eastern Health (Box Hill Hospital & Maroondah Hospital) in Australia. These placement experience has equipped me with research skills and clinical decision-making and management on various clinical / medical conditions. If you have doubts about different diets, your nutritional requirements at different life stages, special dietary needs for clinical diseases, or confusions about foods and novel diets, I will do my best to clarify for you with reliable information, what I learnt from university and my overseas clinical experience.

One simple motivation I had that started me off on this endless journey on dietetics is to save people before it is too late. There are many ways to do this, I choose not to feed them with medicines, but nutrients from nature. Because a full recovery is nothing without appropriate nutrition.

I am endeavouring to enlighten and inspire you all with latest published clinical and dietetic information, moreover clarify on common misunderstandings on nutrition or diet. My plan is to post one to two articles per week, depending on my busy schedule. All articles will be bilingual, in Chinese and English, to serve more readers.



我的名字是林希 Katherine 凯瑟琳 (也可以叫我Kath或Kat),我来自一个美丽的沿海城市,中国温州。我从十几岁起就长期居住海外,我能说流利的英文、普通话、粤语和温州话。我目前是一名在读临床营养学生 (澳洲临床营养学会认证课程),在澳大利亚墨尔本学习。还有不到半年的时间,我就可以由Monash蒙纳士大学毕业,获得我的荣誉学位 (临床营养学) 以及澳洲注册营养师的头衔 (APD),我很荣幸能作为一个世界领先和卓越的医学,护理和健康科学学院的学生。

我作为一名在读临床营养学生,在多种文化和临床环境中获得了临床经验和公共卫生营养促进和宣传相关经验。目前我正在一个联邦政府机构 (卡迪尼亚Cardinia郡政府) 进行公共卫生营养促进和宣传。 我们致力于一个为期十年的大项目,致力于改善卡迪尼亚郡的当地粮食系统。此外,我还在新加坡的Tan Tock Seng (陈笃生) 医院和新加坡国立科研所 (A*STAR) 的临床营养研究中心工作;以及澳洲的Eastern Health 东方医疗集团 (Box Hill医院和Maroondah医院)。这些经验使我掌握了各种临床/医疗条件下的研究技能和临床决策和管理。如果你对不同饮食,不同生活阶段的营养需求,临床疾病的特殊饮食需求,或是对新兴食物和饮食的有疑问,我将尽最大努力利用可靠的信息来源为你澄清,例如从我由大学所学到的知识以及海外临床经验。





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